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Kong Dental Stick for Dogs
My Dog Loves It
My dog loves his Kong Dental Stick. He will lay there and chew on it or bring it to me to play catch with.
Barb from Massillon, OH
Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Terrariums
Pretty Mopani Wood
The Mopani wood is the perfect wood for my needs. I have an online store and I mount air plants on the wood. It has a blend of light and dark colors in the wood that really impress my customers. Great service and quick shipping from Pet Mountain.
Linda from Quincy, FL
Spot Diner Time Stainless Steel Pet Dish
Great Product
I already had 8 of these bowls [that I feed my cats with], but kept using all 8 before the dishwasher was full, so I got 6 more. What's not to love? Dishwasher safe & they last forever!
Jim from El Paso, TX
Lil Pals Daisy Harness & Lead - Pink
Quick And Easy
One piece harness and lead is so quick and easy to put on my wiggly 6 lb Maltese.
Sandy from Cedar Mills, MN
Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Chew with Chicken in the Middle
Awesome Products
I will not buy any of my dog's rawhide treats at stores anymore. I now get everything here at Pet Mountain. Great choices and great prices. Fast delivery makes it a best buy.
Sherry from Omaha, NE