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Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus Paste - Natural Salmon Flavor
Love It
Have used this stuff for several years with two Maine Coon cats, VERY HAIRY. I mix it with their wet food and no hairballs. They love it.
Bess from Fort Pierce, FL
Little Stinker Heavy Duty Poop Scoop with Spade
The Little Stinker Is Better Than Expected!
I have had rakes and a scoop that did not work and this spade so far has worked well cleaning up outside with scoop and spade on the grass. The rakes kept getting stuck I just hope that it is big enough to contain my Great Dane poop when she gets older (she is only 9 weeks old now.) and still allows me to get 3 small and 1 medium dog . I really like that the handles on both can get smaller or longer.
Tami from Greenville, NC
Tetra Pro Tropical Crisps with Biotin
Tetra Pro Tropical Crisps With Biotin
This is another great product I have found on the Petmountain website. My fish love this food, and the crisps don't beak up and cloud the tank like regular flaked food. The added Biotin is a plus to promote good health of your fish. Price is great too!
Lynn from Clayton, NC
SmartBones Vegetable and Chicken Bones with Real Chicken
Love These
As an alternative to rawhide---which has choking risks for dogs, I love these. Even though my dog is 80#, I purchase the small size. They become a nice snack treat. There is no mess left behind and I am not fearful of him choking on the last piece as I am with raw hides. They are easy on his teeth and may help to remove plaque as he chews them. My dog is diabetic and thus far, does not have a negative effect on his glucose or fat intake.
Robin from Buffalo , NY
K&H Pet Cot - Chocolate Brown
Great Product, Great Price And Great Service!
Great price for the product. My dog loves it. Good product as stated and fast service. Will order again from this company.
Vera from Kansas City, MO