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VitaKraft Drops with Yogurt
Great Product
My dogs love these treats. A great training tool.
Robert from Marion, CT
Kaytee Aspen Small Pet Bedding & Litter
Superior Quality At The Best Price
We use this bedding for our spoiled pet poultry. It is the cleanest, purest, highest quality small animal bedding on the market and we found that Pet Mountain carries it at the lowest prices we can find.
John from Commack, NY
API Rena Filstar Bio-Chem Zorb Filter Media
Fish Filters.
I have 5 big fish tanks that are up and running. I have beautiful fish that my husband and I take care of. A LOT of work, but worth it. I had ordered $76.21 worth of aquarium filters for Fluval filters, Aqueon overflow filters, API filter media system (A lot of replacement filters for maintenance). That night my husband and I went to two other stores to compare prices on everything I bought and I was SHOCKED how much money I SAVED. Each store, I saved $65.00 on the same EXACT brand and quantity. I will always get my fish supplies now at Pet Mountain. Thank You. Robin
Robin from Tucson, AZ
Poop-Off: Bird Poop Anywhere Wipes
Awesome Product
I was amazed to see how well these wipes work. Bird poop literally melts away, off all types of surfaces. The packaging states it's all natural ingredients; there were no fumes or odors. Apparently the formula is top-secret, but what ever it is, it works like a charm.
Deb from Fort Collins, CO
Nature Zone Ready-to-Eat Bites for Bearded Dragons
Picky Eater Problem Solved
I have three bearded dragons, all picky in their own way. It has been a battle for two years. Because of Nature Zone Bites, all the fighting is over. I fill a bowl with lots of fresh greens, sprinkle some Nature Zone Bites on top and then add a couple dried insects. My dragons race to the bowl every morning. This is one of the greatest products I have found for my bearded dragons.
Mindi from Cary, NC

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