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Booster Bath Indoor / Outdoor Grooming Bath
I love this bath. I have been giving my dogs baths in my bathtub with an aching back the next day and it took forever. I got this, set it up and it fits perfectly in my shower stall. I gave my 5 dogs baths right away and had no back ache. My only regret with this is that I didn't get it sooner!!
Tina from Montgomery, NY
Spot Pup-RRR-Mint Dental Chews for Dogs
Pup-RRR-Mint Please Continue This Product
My dogs love these and they really work to keep their breath fresh. They smell great too. I was disappointed that they've been discontinued so I ordered as many as possible until I can find something else to replace them with. Please consider bringing them back. Thank you.
IS from Berryton, KS
Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks
Buying In Bulk Saves Money
I have been feeding my aquatic turtles ReptoMin floating food sticks for many years. The 6.83 lb. tub has proven to be the most economical way in which to purchase their food. I've been very satisfied with the service from Pet Mountain. Orders are always filled promptly and correctly.
Roger from Arvada, CO
K&H Pet Cot - Chocolate Brown
The Dogs Love Their New Beds!!
My dogs (100 lbs. and 65 lbs.) loved their large size cots. I was hesitant to order the cots because I was worried my dogs would be too big and that they would not like them, but I am glad that we bought them. The dogs looked at them at first not knowing what to do, but I put their old beds on top of the cots and they immediately took them. They are comfortable for them and Blue (the bigger of the two) almost prefers his cot to the couch most of the time. The cots were easy to put together and seem very sturdy and easy to clean.
Mouna from Fayetteville, NC
Hikari Bio Bandage Gel-Based Medicated Topical Treatment
Great Product - Heals Wounds And Mild Bacteria Infections
This product is great for treating wounds on fish. If possible, keep fish from the rest of the fish in a large net. Wounds heal after a few treatments. This also helps heal fin damage and will also keep a mild bacteria infection from getting worse. I have had great success treating mild cases of Columnaris/Flexibacter. This is much safer than treating the whole aquarium....and no side effects as with harsh medicines. I always wonder why this product is so hard to find.... Great price offered at Pet Mountain.
Judy from Lima, OH