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JW Fusion Air Pump
One Pump To Rule Them All
I have had the 600 series feeding three tanks for almost two years now and it is still running perfectly and completely silent. I think I have owned every brand there is and this is the only one that stayed silent past the sixth month mark. I bought an adjustable six valve splitter on eBay for just a few bucks so I could control the amount of air going to each tank. This pump makes all others a complete waste of money. I will never own another brand!
Jeremi from Reynolds, IL
Cat Dancer Cat Charmer
Who Would've Thought?
Over the past 7 years, I have purchased multiple "teaser" toys from mice on strings to springs and feathers to try and entice my 3 cats into playing, but THIS simple piece of colored plush fabric is the ONLY toy my cats freak out about...they absolutely LOVE it! I have no idea what separates this toy from all of the others in its class, but it flicks and flings easily and all 3 cats will gather to chase, jump and pounce at it. Amazing!!!
Clint from Mesa, AZ
Replendish Stainless Steel Waterer
This Is Perfect
I have two dogs that drink like fishes so I bought them a plastic version of this a while ago. My dog destroys everything and she would toss it around her kennel and chew it up and spill water everywhere so I decided to toss it and buy a metal one. A lot of them I found were crazy expensive, but this one wasn't so bad so I bought it. I was AMAZED at how nice and big it is when I opened the package. It is perfect, we rarely have to refill the water and it is heavy enough that my dog doesn't try to knock it over or chew on it or anything. I absolutely love it. Best purchase I've made for my dogs so far :)
Mariah from Denver, CO
Mag Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner
Excellent Gadget
Cleans algae off the glass efficiently while you stay dry. This is one of those 'why didn't I think of that' gizmos. It works as promised. The medium cleaned my very algaefied 55 gallon tank in ten minutes. It floats. The goldfish are very suspicious of it.
Matthew from Fort Worth, TX
Four Paws 5 Panel Free Standing Gate for Small Pets
Love My Gates!
I ordered my gates because they are low enough for me to walk over easily and high enough to keep my dogs out of areas not intended for their traffic. All of my dogs (large and small) obey the gates. I love them!
Mary from Evansville, WI

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