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Penn Plax Bird Activity Center
Penn Plax Bird Acitivty Center
My little birdie loves it. He plays on it for hours on a daily basis.
Darlena from Daytona Beach, FL
Marineland LED Strip Light
We Love It!
We have had this light for a couple weeks now and have nothing bad to say about it....we really love it. The lighting in daytime mode is great and the "night time" lunar setting is beautiful. You can still see the fish but is is a less bright beautiful blue. Our main reason for switching was that our old florescent hood was becoming very noisy and changing bulbs/ballast wasn't helping it. The LED hood is much better as it is lightweight, making tank cleaning easier and makes NO noise!!
Julee from Harrisburg, IL
Pet 'n Shape Long Lasting Chewz Bones
The Only Chew My Dog Will Chew
My 68lb German Shepherd mix is finicky when it comes to dog treats. These chicken chews are one of the few she will eat and she gets so excited that I give her the whole package and she opens it herself!....It helps keep her teeth clean too!
Eileen from Fair Lawn, NJ
Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Squeeze-On Flea & Tick Control for Cats & Kittens
Great Product
I love your product, it works great. My cat has very sensitive skin, and it does not bother her at all.
Denise from Brockton, MA
Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon
Can't Believe The Difference
My pond water was pretty clear using my temporary mechanical filter but it always had brownish tint and the pond water always had an unpleasant order when I got close. I added this activated charcoal, placed in a lady's laundry, stocking bag, into bottom of my makeshift mechanical filter. The very next morning my pond water was crystal clear and the smell was gone. I don't write many reviews, but this product worked wonders. Five stars! I will use this product from now on!!!!!
John from Austin, TE