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Marineland Rite-Size C Cartridge - (Penguin 170, 200, 330 & 350)
Great deal for the money. Fish are happy...
Tracy from Pueblo West, CO
Pet 'n Shape Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Plus Pumpkin & Apple
Excellent Shipping Time
This was the fastest shipment of anything I've ever ordered online. Will definitely use this company again.
Ronna from Springfield, OR
Microbe Lift SA Sludge-Away
New Microbe-Lift Is Fantastic, Cleaned My Pond In 4 Days
I love the new Microbe-Lift, it cleaned our pond in 4 days when nothing else was working. The pond was a dirty green-brown (we had so much rainwater, I think that's what did it, and I might have overfed my koi who are huge..), we added 4 new fish, and it could have been a number of things we did that turned our pond so sludgy. I never tried Microbe-Lift, as it is new..but trust Pet Mountain's products so I gave it a shot, and it worked, cleared pond in four days. We were very happy, and you only need to add 2 oz.a week for maintenance. It lasts 2 years unopened, so I am buying 3 before everyone else sees how well it works, and buys it up. Thanks Pet Mountain, love your prices and products.
Cecelia from Chardon, OH
Zoo Med Tortoise House
New House For Our Tortoise. Love It!
Good quality, easy to assemble, fast shipping.
Mirela from Chicago, IL
Fluval AquaStop with Integrated Valve
Aquastop By Hagen Fluval
Fabulous! We're up and running once again. Very easy to change out the bad part and fit in the new.
Suzanne from North Ridgeville, OH