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Tetra Pond Spring & Fall Diet
Quick Delivery - Convenient Size Packages
I received the koi food sooner than I had expected with the free shipping. Also, getting 18 pounds of koi food in 6 sealed bags will keep the food fresher and be very convenient to use.
Gary from Atlanta, GA
Carlson Outdoor Super Gate with Pet Door - Extra Tall
Love It!
I ordered two of these for use at our lake house at the bottom of the porch stairs. I bungee them together for quick take down. I have toy breed dogs and this allows them to safely leave the porch and have some yard to go in. Unlike what I previously had there, we are able to use the gates and nothing is accidentally left not quite closed. I am so glad I purchased these. It remains to be seen how well they stand up to the elements, although I do store them in a dry place when we are not there.
Mimi from Sublette, IL
K&H Kitty Sill - Cat Window Perch (Unheated)
My Cats Love These!
I ordered 2 of the window mount beds for my cats and they just love them! I really like how 'decorative' they are, not just plain jane looking things. They look really nice in my living room. A great price for a great product that my cats LOVE!
Shelah from Slaterville, UT
Lee's Kritter Keeper with Lid
Perfect For My Planned Use
These small critter cages have turned out to be perfect for my planned use. I collect Monarch Butterfly eggs off the Milkweed plants in my yard. I keep them in these cages while I am feeding them with Milkweed leaves and they are protected when they go into chrysalis. Monarchs are being threatened by the loss of the Milkweed plant, and they are also attacked by several insects and viruses while out in the wild. These cages are easy to clean, have good air circulation and the rough lid makes it easy for the butterfly to hang on until they are ready to be released.
Cheryl from Plainfield, IL
Greenies Weight Management Dental Chews for Dogs
Very Satisfied
As always you guys ship promptly and it is always a pleasant experience. I would like to add that I am very happy that you have added Greenies to your inventory. I use another pet supply company and have always spoiled our dogs and cats with Greenies. You had a much better price and I hope it is not temporary. I don't know if I missed it but am hoping you will carry feline greenies as well. They love them.
Terri from Odessa, TX