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Zoo Med Natural Bush - Mexican Phyllo
My Snakes Love It
I bought four total, 2 for each snake, and the snakes seem much more comfortable in their terrariums. My ball python uses them as a hide and he's visible in his tank more often because of that. My boa likes to climb on them since I have hers suction cupped to the side. They also work to make her hides more secluded and secure feeling. Very easy to clean. It's a great product.
Winona from Auburn, AL
Kaytee Comfort Wheel
4 Paws Up!
Purchased the 12" diameter size for my rats and the Comfort Wheel is a great success! One of the boys was up on it and running within 5 minutes of putting it in their playpen. Favorite Features: the size! 12" is perfect for ratties (unless they are huge adult males). The solid running surface: no danger of toes or tails getting caught in a wire mesh wheel. The sound (or lack thereof): while not completely silent, the Kaytee Comfort Wheel is one of the quietest exercise wheels I have ever purchased. Great product, cannot recommend it highly enough!
A.K. from Anytown, MW
Pondmaster Pond-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump
Love The New Pump, A Lot More Water Flow That I Need.
I purchased the Pondmaster 950 and it works great. Awesome pump and very good quality product.
Jeff from Williamsport, PA
Circle T Latigo Leather Round Collars
Great Collar
This is my second purchase of this collar, this one is a gift for another dog. Great durability and function along with style. The leather is rolled so it doesn't cut the fur of dogs with long fur, such as collies.
Marsha from Orland Park, IL
VitaKraft Drops with Yogurt
My Doggies Love The VitaKraft Drops.
Please with the way the order was processed. I have purchased those drops for years.
Nancy from The Villages, FL