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Plush Puppies Hide-A-Bee Dog Toy
Great Fun Toy!
One of my huskies absolutely loves this toy! He loves to carry the bees around in his mouth and squeak it non-stop. He can't stand it when I stuff the bees into the hive and promptly removes them. I also stuff it with the extra squirrels and bees that we have left over from the now destroyed tree stump and first bee hive. Packing the toys into the hive tightly makes it harder for my boy to remove them, thus more entertaining for him. While this toy is not indestructible, my huskies don't seem hellbent on destroying it in record time like other plush toys.
Chris from Columbus, OH
Vita Prima Sunseed Swing Ring - Grass & Spinach Bird Treat
My Birds Love 'em!
Best price I could find on-line or in local stores. Delivery was fast and packaging was perfect. No breakage. Highly recommend them. Your birds will love 'em.
G from Arvada, CO
ViaAqua Titanium Heaters
Great Heater
I bought 3 of these heaters, 2 for me and 1 for my granddaughter. They work great; I think my Bettas are nice and warm now. I'm told Bettas like warm water but I started out on 82 degrees and that was too warm - they got sluggish. I now have it set at 80 and they love it. Very fast shipping, packaged great. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you Pet Mountain.
Barbara from Rio Rancho, NE
Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO High Output Terrarium Hood
Reptile Rescue And Rehab
Order received in good condition. I LOVE the 48" terrarium hood and uvb bulb. I keep box turtles and tortoises indoors as need dictates. With the 4' light I can place 3 large plastic storage tubs housing the animals side-by-side under the hood and they each get plenty of light. The new T-5 bulb is more space conscious. Thanks for your recommendation.
Mari from Albuquerque, NM
Zoo Med 501 Filter Media - Mechanical Filter Sponge
All I can say about Pet Mountain is nice assortment of fairly priced products, reasonable delivery cost and fast and thoughtful service.
John from Huntley, IL

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