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Zoo Med Repti Rock Reptile Water Dish
Fits Perfectly, Looks Natural
This water dish fits just right, from front to back in my 10 gal tank. It looks natural, and is easy to lift out for daily water changes. It is fairly deep, though - have to make sure to only fill partially for our White's Tree Frogs. Sturdy and cleans easily.
Heather from Quogue, NY
SmartBones Vegetable and Chicken Bones with Real Peanut Butter
A Poodle's Favorite
I can't even begin to discribe how much our toy poodle LOVES this brand of bones! PB & chicken are her favs. She is a special needs pup with a heart condition so we are very careful in what we give her to eat (seeing as anything and everything could affect her) so we found these in Petsmart a few months ago and she just went nuts! However, they started to become less and less available via Petsmart, they ALWAYS seemed to be out of stock?! I tried other all natural chews and she just would not have it. I came across Pet Mountain online one day and saw the prices of my little girl's favorite chew and I was hooked! They are quite a bit cheaper here than in retail stores AND they have all the flavors here! I would recommend SmartBones to everyone, they are so worth the money and the reassurance that our girl is digesting SAFE chew bones! Thanks SmartBones & Pet Mountain!
Kristina from Gurnee , IL
Tetra LED Aquarium Kit - Black
Best Little Tank Ever
I received this today and I set it up in no time. I put my Betta in it and he loves it. I used pink stones, pink plants and a pink flower ball with holes for him. He is pinkish blue and looks great in it. Good service and I love the price.
Jean from Forest Hill, MD
SmartBones Vegetable and Chicken Bones with Real Chicken
Dogs Love Them
I have two dogs a 10 year old Boxer and a 2 year old Maltipoo. They both go crazy for these bones. They don't have any issue digesting these as compared to rawhides. When I give them to my dogs they take them to other ends of the room as if to say "I'm not sharing with you." When I gave them a rawhide they would chew and then leave them alone for days even weeks on end, not caring who went near them. Would buy and recommend them to everyone!
Michele from Brick, NJ
Hikari Lionhead Mini Sinking Pellet Food
Sinking fish food that actually sinks. Most others say sinking but don't sink. Great price, costs more every where else. Small size pellets are good for all size goldfish. I would highly recommend this food to anyone who has goldfish.
Michael from Depew, NY