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API Rena Filstar XP Replacement Parts
Just What I Wanted
The items advertised were exact replacements for the original pieces. Also, much cheaper than the exact product on Amazon.
Russell from Chesapeake, VA
Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Chew with Chicken in the Middle
Dog Loves These
Great product, fair price, quick shipping.
Donna from Genoa, WI
Zoo Med Natural Bush Terrarium Plant
Great Plants For Aquarium Too
These plants attach well to the side of my aquarium to provide hiding places for my fry and young adult fish. Even the larger adults like to stay in them at night when the nocturnal fish take over the tank. They stick to the walls quite well, look completely realistic, and provide fantastic shelter. I highly recommend these plants for fish as well as reptiles.
Jan from Gainesville, VA
Chuckit Max Glow Ball for Dogs
A Chihuahua Favorite
My chihuahua loves these balls. She plays with it all day and night. It's truly her 'binkie". She usually doesn't take to the "new' ball right away, but this time I was able to switch them out with no whining, searching or barking from her. They are hard to find, so I caught a sale on this site and bought a ton of them. They last a few months so she'll have them for a long time to come.
Cyndi from Southern, MD
Perky Pet Clear Antique Bottle Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Hummingbirds Love This!
Day one of having this hanging in the yard the hummingbirds started showing up. Now there are three or four who come every day several times a day. Seems they are more attracted to this than the plastic type feeders. Also easy to clean & fill. Love it!
Hannah from Springfield, VA