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Tetra Pond Spring & Fall Diet
Quick Delivery - Convenient Size Packages
I received the koi food sooner than I had expected with the free shipping. Also, getting 18 pounds of koi food in 6 sealed bags will keep the food fresher and be very convenient to use.
Gary from Atlanta, GA
Carlson Outdoor Super Gate with Pet Door - Extra Tall
Love It!
I ordered two of these for use at our lake house at the bottom of the porch stairs. I bungee them together for quick take down. I have toy breed dogs and this allows them to safely leave the porch and have some yard to go in. Unlike what I previously had there, we are able to use the gates and nothing is accidentally left not quite closed. I am so glad I purchased these. It remains to be seen how well they stand up to the elements, although I do store them in a dry place when we are not there.
Mimi from Sublette, IL
Plush Chirpies Assorted Dog Toys
Fast delivery! Great toys! My younger dog loves the green bird, and my older dogs took the black and orange birds! Thank you!
Liane from Sherwood, WI
LM Animal Farms Millet Spray
Nice Product
Order arrived quickly and was pleased to see a box full of nice plump stalks - almost no seed at bottom of box. My boys (2 tiels and a green cheek) really enjoy snacking on the millet and it is an excellent buy compared to pet food supply store prices.
Helen from Flanders, NJ
Kaytee Aspen Small Pet Bedding & Litter
Quality And Speedy
I was ordering the same product through Amazon.com. The sellers there were ok to start with, but then kept jacking up the price either on product or shipping to make the total price quite higher. So I found Pet Mountain which I hadn't heard about. Same product for about what I was paying initially on amazon including shipping. Product actually seems fresher through Pet Mountain. Speedy delivery too. We use it for our bunnies. I will continue to order through Pet Mountain as long as there's no major price increases.
Jeremy from Coos Bay, OR