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Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Braid Chew
Hartz Oinkes Braided Pigskin Chews
My Belgian Malinois loves these! Keeps her busy for hours! Effectively cleans her teeth and gums thus keeping them healthy. The smoked pork aroma drives her nuts too! Unbeatable value the Bulk Pack from Pet Mountain! The only small drawback, well...Let's just say she "fails emissions" after eating them!!! :) But that's all. But I give her a pass on that, my l'il k-9 stinkbox!!! Lol :)
Tony from Brooklyn, NY
Big Sky Antler Chew for Dogs
Great Antlers!
I have ordered elk antlers before through Amazon (pricey), but these large-sized antlers exceeded my expectations. The majority were cut like bones and quite long, wide and heavy. There were a few that ended in points, but even they are a very good size for our two big pointers. I ordered the bulk package of 12 and my savings over the other company were substantial. I will definitely order these again, but I don't know when - they're lasting a long time, even with our very aggressive chewers! Thank you for an excellent product!
Deborah from Thonotosassa, FL
Penn Plax Action-Air Jewel Box Skeleton Aerating Aquarium Ornament
Love It!
I love this thing! I don't know why, I just get a kick out of it. Reminds me of several people I know. I have him sitting next to the skeleton on the toilet. They go good together! These also add aeration to the tank, but make sure you have a control attached so you can adjust the air flow.
Melinda from Jamestown, TN
Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Dog Treats - 100% Duck Liver
Liver Treats
Dogs love these. No added chemicals. My vet recommended these as we're doing an elimination diet. Quality product. Thank you.
Theresa from Hampden, ME
Super Pet Small Pet Hamster Potty
Works Great!
My Syrian Hamster used her litter box from day one of adding it to her cage! It makes cleaning much easier and I'd recommend it to anyone.
Megan from Greenville, MI