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HBH Turtle Bites Aquatic Turtle Food
Awesome Food!
I worked as a PetCare manager at a large pet store for 5 years and recommended it to all my customers. Unfortunately my local pet store stopped selling this product as well as other pet stores in the area. It doesn't make a mess and my turtles love it. I've been using it for years and hopefully it doesn't get discontinued. It has the best ingredients in my opinion. I hope they bring back the large size so I don't have to keep buying 4-5 of the small ones. Buy this food!
Greg from Howell, MI
Van Ness Crock Heavyweight Feeding Dish
Van Ness Heavyweight Crock
I have run a trap, neuter, return program for feral/stray cats in the local county for over 10 years. We have about 10 feeding stations where the cats are fed every day. We have used Van Ness Heavyweight Crocks for water dishes. In the winter, when the water freezes, these crocks will withstand hitting the crocks against trees to remove the frozen water. They also tolerate raccoons chewing on them and carrying them off. Two years ago our local Wal-mart stopped carrying these crocks. I purchased several other replacement water dishes. None of them lasted one winter. Fortunately I found these crocks at Pet Mountain and purchased 16 of them.
Carol from Crossville, TN
TRex Crested Gecko Diet MRP
Great Product!
Repashy invented crested gecko diet, and it is still the best. Premium food has kept my crested gecko healthy and happy for four years and counting, with no icky bugs to handle. Great food, great price at Pet Mountain.
Nancy from Cardiff, CA
Dingo Doubles 2 in 1 Dog Treat & Dental Chew - Chicken
OMG - They Love These!!
This is a new item for us but they are a HUGE hit, especially with my older dog (18+) who used to love the double meat Dingos but whose teeth now can't seem to take them. I'm going to reorder immediately because they can't get enough of them.
Mary from Williamsburg, VA
Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings Treat for Small Animals - Banana
Bear Loves These!
My guinea pig Bear has developed a craving for the Kaytee banana chips. He only eats the Kaytee brand so he is a picky little guy. I feed him a couple of these maybe twice a day as a special treat. It was very convenient to be able to buy these in a bulk package.
Ann from Milwaukee, WI

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