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Perfecto Fluorescent Place-a-Lite Oak Hood Hex
I was so happy to find this replacement light for my hexagon aquarium that I have had for years. It fit perfectly and is just the right color. I had spent several weeks trying to buy parts to make the original light fixture work again, and was having to order in all these parts. I was so excited to find this entire fixture available on this web site.
Linda from Meade, KA
Rep Cal Maintenance Formula Tortoise Food
Only Food My Tortoises Will Eat
The Rep Cal Tortoise Formula is the only dry food my red foot tortoises will eat. I have tried several other brands and they will not touch the food. The food is a also a good price.
Corey from Odessa, TX
Sentry Calming Diffuser Refill for Cats
Keeping Our Crazy Kitty Calm
I am so happy to have found this website. We are constantly looking for products that will keep our kitty stress free without breaking the bank! Love the Sentry products.
Kiri from Des Moines, IA
Pondmaster Clearguard Filter UV Light Conversion Kit
Good Product
Had one that died. Replaced it with a new one and within a week my 4500 gallon pond is clear of algae.
Jim from Sandy, OR
Petmate No Spill Travel Bowl - Blue
Great Product!
Finally! My best buddy can have a drink in the car anytime he wants.......without a huge, wet mess! Thank you. The bowl was inexpensive and shipping was fast. And getting the discount was a very nice surprise, too!
Linda from Thermopolis, WY