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Aquatop Aquatop AT Canister Filter for Aquariums
Aquatop [11442-593973]

Aquatop AT Canister Filter for Aquariums

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Aquatop's AT Series of external canister filters offers superior filtration for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Each filter contains includes three filter media trays, so you can customize the mode of filtration to the most ideal method for your tank. These filters feature heavy duty construction and offer super quiet operation.

  • Pressurized external aquarium filters
  • Suitable for fresh & saltwater aquariums
  • 3 media tanks allow for mechanical, chemical & biological filtration
  • Heavy duty construction & super quiet operation

Installation is simple! Each filter includes filter pads as well as adjustable input and output valves with an optional Lily-style return. The filter's three media trays allow you to utilize mechanical, chemical and/or biological filtration to keep your aquarium water clean and clear.

Additional features include:

  • Built-in handle for easy transportation during maintenance
  • Heavy duty clips provide a water-tight seal, preventing any leaks
  • Input & output valves have adjustable levers to control rate of flow

4 Stage Filtration System
This filter features a dense layer of filter cotton for mechanical filtration and a flexible 3 tray filtration media system. These versatile trays allow you to customize your media to cater to your water's specific needs.

Easy Connect Adjustable Input/Output Valve
Easy-connect valves allow you to disconnect the input/output tubing from the main filter body quickly and easily. Valves are also equipped with adjustable levers to control the water flow rate.

Easy Priming Cap
The convenient priming cap can be removed for easy priming. Simply twist the cap off and pour water into the main body cavity to prime your filter for use.

AT200 - 211 GPH Flow Rate, Aquariums up to 50 Gallons, 13 Watt Pumping Power, Approx. 15.5" High
AT300 - 317 GPH Flow Rate, Aquariums up to 80 Gallons, 25 Watt Pumping Power, Approx. 19.5" High

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AT200 - 211 GPH - 13 Watts - (For Tanks Up to 50 Gallons)
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