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API API Bio Chem Stars
API [11442-508252]

API Bio Chem Stars

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API Bio-Chem Stars quickly establish the biological filter in aquariums, with 4 times more surface area than ceramic rings for rapid, massive bacterial colonization. They never need replacing and provide biological filtration to remove toxic ammonia and nitrites from your tank.

  • 4X more surface area for massive bacterial colonization
  • Quickly removes toxic ammonia & nitrites
  • Never needs replacing, will not break down or clog filter

Bio-Chem Stars are safe in fresh and saltwater and should be used for aquarium start-up and/or maintenance. It's never too late to start a robust biological filter and get your tank healthy! Specially manufactured from space-age polymers with a 50-70 micron internal pore network, they allow rapid oxygen and water transfer for maximum growth and health of beneficial nitrifying bacteria colonies.

Why Bio-Filtration?
Biological filtration utilizes natural nitrifying bacteria to convert toxic ammonia into nitrate, a process known as the nitrogen cycle. These beneficial bacteria grow as your fish produce waste, establishing colonies on top layers of aquarium gravel or in biological media such as Bio-Chem Stars. Providing these bacteria with plenty of surface area on which to grow is an essential part of maintaining a safe and healthy aquatic environment.

Directions: Remove Bio-Chem Stars from plastic bag and rinse thoroughly to remove any dust. Place in the last compartment of your filter. Bio-Chem Stars will become colonized by bacteria within several weeks. Using API Stress Zyme will help with the establishment of the biological filter.

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