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Acurel Acurel Ammonia Reducing Pad
Acurel [11442-571095]

Acurel Ammonia Reducing Pad

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Acurel Ammonia Reducing Pads help control ammonia. the leading killer of tropical fish. Ammonia is the result of decomposing waste and food in your auqarium, but can be combated with these Ammonia Reducing Pads.

  • Absorb ammonia from water fast
  • Reduce the risk of disease and stress
  • Enhance water clarity and quality
  • Maintain healthy fish
  • Eliminate odors
  • Remove all organic particles, foreign debris, residual medications, excess food and waste

This product should be used as a preventive measure and not as a remedy for sustained ammonia concentrations. Only use in freshwater aquariums and ponds.

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10" x 18"
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