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Lees Lee's Clover Dual Action Foam Filter - (Up to 40 Gallons)
Lees [11442-509819]

Lee's Clover Dual Action Foam Filter - (Up to 40 Gallons)

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Lee's Clover Dual Action Foam Filters are biological filters composed of open-celled foam, which provides enormous amounts of usable surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.

  • Provides biological & mechanical filtration
  • For fresh or saltwater tanks
  • Promotes food growth for & development of baby fry & brine shrimp
  • Does not filter out medications
  • Use with or without gravel
  • No charcoal or floss required

Beneficial bacteria breaks down harmful waste substances (ammonia and nitrate), making your aquarium a safer environment for your fish to live and breed. Lee's Clover Dual Action Foam Filter  is excellent for breeding all types of aquarium fish, as well as for hatching and raising brine shrimp as it will not trap or harm them. Replacement foam filter pads are also available.

Air pump required, sold separately. These are to be used in conjunction with an air pump so you can use gravel to hold these down.

Hint: to start the colonizing faster, it is best to bubble the Foam Filter 3 to 5 days in an established aquarium. 
1. Place stem assembly in stem socket.
2. Attach air line (not included) to air tube.
3. Squeeze Foam Filter under water to force out air bubbles.
4. Place the Foam Filter on the bottom of bowl of tank. 
5. Connect to air source and bubble gently.

Maintenance: Rinse the Foam Filter every 4 to 5 weeks in water which is approximately the same temperarure as that of the aquarium. Do not rinse the Foam Filter in hot or cold water, as this will destroy the beneficial microorganisms colonizing on the foam. 

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5.5"L x 5.5"W x 1.75"H - (Up to 40 Gallons)
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