Marineland Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light
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Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light

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Marineland Advanced LED Strip Lights feature a double row of White Daylight LEDs and a single center row of 60mw Blue LEDs, providing brighter lighting than 2 fluorescent tubes while consuming far less energy. A built-in timer makes it easy to setup a healthy day/night light cycle.

  • Daylight LED lamps provide brighter output than 2 fluorescent bulbs
  • Lunar blue LEDs replicate the moon light cycle
  • Integrated timer provides control of automatic daytime & lunar settings

The new built-in timer with digital controls makes it easy to set the precise amount of daylight and simulated moonlight you'd like to provide for your fish. A 3-way switch features ALL LEDs, ACTINIC (lunar light), and OFF positions for manual control when you need it. The fixture features a durable aluminum lighting housing and adjustable mounting legs to fit a variety of aquarium widths. Its sleek, low profile design keeps the focus on your fish where it belongs, and a single power cord makes installation simple.

For fresh and saltwater aquariums.*

Why LED?
LED lights consume very little energy and produce very low heat while emitting bright, clear light. The Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light features 7,500K 1-watt daylight LEDs and 60mW blue LEDs to provide a full spectrum of daylight and simulated lunar light. Each LED has up to 5 years of life, saving you the cost of regularly replacing fluorescent bulbs! A polycarbonate lens protects and focuses each LED for optimal output.


  • Adjusts 18"-24" - 0.75”H x 5”W - (6) White 1 Watt LEDs & (3) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 10.7 Watts - 7,500K Light
  • Adjusts 24"-36" - 0.75”H x 5”W - (8) White 1 Watt LEDs & (4) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 13.7 Watts - 7,500K Light
  • Adjusts 36"-48" - 0.75”H x 5”W - (16) White 1 Watt LEDs & (8) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 25.7 Watts - 7,500K Light
  • Adjusts 48"-60" - 0.75”H x 5”W - (24) White 1 Watt LEDs & (12) Blue .06 Watt LEDs - 37.7 Watts - 7,500K Light

Warranty: 1 year

*Important: These LED lights are for FISH ONLY marine tanks or freshwater low-light planted tanks (crypts, anubis, java fern, etc.). May also be an excellent light for a refugium system. Not intended for use as a reef lighting system.

Note: Formerly known as Marineland Double Bright LED Light Fixtures (the old style did not include the integrated timer).

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Size 18 - 450 Lumens - (Aquariums 18"-24" Wide)
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Size 24 - 600 Lumens - (Aquariums 24"-36" Wide)
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Size 48 - 1800 Lumens - (Aquariums 48"-60" Wide)
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