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Tetra WaterWonders Foxtail
Tetra [11442-502403]

WaterWonders Foxtail

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In nature, fish and plants share the ecosystem in harmony. In the home aquarium, hobbyists strive for the beauty of a water world as nature intended, and plants are a vital part of any aquascape.

  • Decorative aquarium plant
  • Includes easy-connect base
  • Increases aquarium beauty & supplements ecosystem

The graceful beauty of underwater Plants adds the finishing touch to any aquarium. Tetra WaterWonders Foxtail Plants are specially designed for ease of installation and ongoing beauty.

Each Tetra WaterWonders Foxtail Plant is designed for easy insertion into, or removal from, a plastic anchor that disappears from view in the gravel. The Plants can also be easily plugged into special outlets on WaterWonders Decorative Ornaments and filters. (Sold seperately)

WaterWonders Tip: When installing Plants in your aquarium, start with small Plants at the front, increasing the height until the tallest Plants are at the back of your aquarium. This adds an enjoyable visual depth to your aquascape.

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