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Kaytee Kaytee Aspen Small Pet Bedding & Litter
Kaytee [11442-525968]

Kaytee Aspen Small Pet Bedding & Litter

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Kaytee's Aspen Bedding & Litter is made with all natural aspen shavings that were specially processed to eliminate dust and wood debris that is found in common pet bedding materials. It may be used in all cages, terrariums and habitrails.

  • Natural aspen wood shavings
  • Processed to eliminate dust & wood debris
  • Great for all cages, terrariums & habitrails

Aspen bedding comes from hardwood, eliminating aromatic oils found in other types of wood-made bedding and providing guaranteed odor control. It is a natural, biodegradable product that contains no additives or artificial colors.

Ingredients: Kiln-Dried Aspen Shavings.

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