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Blue Life Blue Vet Flatworm Rx
Blue Life [11442-514194]

Blue Vet Flatworm Rx

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Flatworm Control by Blue Life USA is a prompt and effective treatment for controlling Flatworms in saltwater aquariums. This innovative product contains no harsh chemicals, medications, or pesticides. Flatworm Control is exceptionally safe for use in reef and fish only tanks alike.

  • Safe for reef aquariums
  • Simple use
  • Contains no chemicals or antibiotics
  • Veterinarian approved

Directions: For accurate results, test your aquarium`s phosphate level prior to use. It is recommended to have a phosphate level at or below 0.03 ppm (mg/L) before using this product. To help maintain a low phosphate level use Blue Life Phosphate Control prior to use.

Add 2 drop of Flatworm Control for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of water. Do not dose more than one treatment in a 24-hour period. For best results, add in high flow areas one drop at a time. Do not stop the use of carbon or protein skimming when adding this product. Siphon out as many flatworms before dosing. Flatworms are extremely toxic to aquarium inhabitants, therefore, it is very important to do a 25% water change once results are visible. Siphon out as many of the flatworms as possible when performing the water change. Repeat treatment as necessary.

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