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Microbe-Lift Herbtana Disease Expellant (Reef)
Microbe-Lift [11442-523183]

Herbtana Disease Expellant (Reef)

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Ecological Laboratories Herbtana for Reefs is a 100% Natural Expellant for Parasitic Diseases.  Herbtana (Reefs) provides a chemical free treatment effective against the following diseases:

  • White spot (Ich)
  • Costia
  • Flukes (gill & skin)
  • Trichodina
  • Chilodonella
  • Oodinium

4 oz. treats 59 gallons for 10 days
8 oz. treats 118 gallons for 10 days
16 oz. treats 236 gallons for 10 days

Herbtana is a uniquely formulated immune enhancing stimulant that will reduce parasitic diseases.  Parasites are generally present on most fish at very low levels and are naturally controlled by the fishes immune system.  However, when stress levels increase it causes your fishes immune system to break down and allows more parasites increase in levels.  Herbtana will help support your fishes immune system during higher levels of stress.

Directions:  Shake product well before each use.  Turn off UV sterilizer, protein skimmer or ozone generators.  Keep biological filters operational.  Best results will be achieved if used immediately once infestation is detected.

Dosage: add 1mL of Herbtana per 5 gallons daily for 10 days or 1 teaspoon per 25 gallons for 10 days.  Severe cases may require longer treatment times.

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4 oz - (treats 59 gallons for 10 days)
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16 oz - (treats 236 gallons for 10 days)
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