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Zoo Med Zoo Med Plankton Banquet Feeding Block
Zoo Med [11442-523378]

Zoo Med Plankton Banquet Feeding Block

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Zoo Med's Plankton Banquet® time release feeding blocks last 7 to 8 days. Original Banquet® blocks can also help small fry which do best when constantly feeding.

  • Now with twice the plankton!
  • Contains blue-green Spirulina chunks
  • Great for bottom feeders
  • Formulated for fresh and saltwater fish

The Plankton Banquet® can also be used as a daily food source for problem feeders such as Plecostomus, Algae Eaters, Redtail Sharks, Gouramis, Saltwater Tangs, Angels & Damsels.

Additional Information:

Place the time release food block in your aquarium. Multiple food blocks can be positioned across aquarium floor to accommodate territorially aggressive fish. One Plankton Banquet® block will feed approximately 15-20 average sized aquarium fish.

  • Do not use this product in fish bowls or aquariums which do not have aeration or filtration.
  • Plankton Banquet® blocks will not cloud water.


The blue color in this block is pure spirulina. Spirulina is a blue-green plant plankton rich in raw protein and major vitamins. Research has shown that fresh and saltwater fish exhibit superior growth, maturity, energetic behavior and more elegant coloring when fed spirulina.

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