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Thomas Labs Thomas Labs Organic D/Earth (Diatomaceous Earth)
Thomas Labs [11442-585676]

Thomas Labs Organic D/Earth (Diatomaceous Earth)

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Thomas Labs Organic D/Earth is an effective pest relief solution made from fossils that have been crushed and ground into an extremely fine powder. D/Earth is non-toxic and may be added to your pet's kennel, bedding, or coat.

  • Eliminates fleas, ticks, lice, internal parasites, and larvae
  • Completely harmless to animals, fish, birds, and in food
  • Can be dusted on the coat or used as a food supplement

A fine grain powder made from the fossilized remains of diatoms (a type of hard-shelled algae), Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) uses microscopic shards to tear through the hard outer shell of insects, larvae and other pests, causing death by dehydration. D.E. can be applied with a light dusting on your pet's coat or sprinkled around pet-frequented areas to target external pests. Mix with food or administer orally to treat many kinds of internal parasites.

Made in the USA.

Kennel Use: Sprinkle lightly around kennel or bedding areas.
Oral Use: 1-2 tablespoonfuls per 50 lbs of body weight as needed as a nutritional supplement for animals with skin and coat needs.

Ingredients: 100% Diatomaceous Earth (*Food Grade/Fresh Water Quality).

Note: Diatomaceous Earth, while safe to swallow, can be a lung irritant, similar to common household dust, if breathed in. Please take all precautions neccesary (dust masks, respirators, etc.) to avoid breathing in dust. When applying this product to pet bedding or household carpeting, furniture, or flooring, please apply sparingly and allow dust to settle before re-population of pets and humans.

*Product is labeled "not for human consumption" to meet the legal requirements of the FDA for products sold and marketed for pet use and consumption. While many products sold for "Pet Use" may be similar to products used by humans, Thomas Laboratories is obligated to remain within the boundaries set forth by the FDA regarding correct and current labeling of our products.

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