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Tetra Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps
Tetra [11442-591553]

Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps

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Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps are nutritionally balanced, premium food to enhance the health, color and vitality of all Goldfish. The Multi Crisp formula has an optimized protein-fat ratio for optimum feed conversion, decreased water pollution and reduced algae growth.

  • Premium, nutritionally balanced food for all Goldfish
  • Enhances health, color & vitality
  • Reduces waste for premium water quality & less algae growth
  • Patented BioActive formula maintains healthy immune system & supports long life

Tetra uses a low-heat production process to produce only highly nutritious food. Goldfish Crisps contain Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy growth and shrimps for high palatability. The enhanced digestibility of this food reduces waste to support clean and clear water.

The new Multi Crisp formula contains a yellow spot with krill to enhance natural colors and enhance muscle growth, with a red outer ring containing all essential nutrients.

Feeding Directions: Feed at least two or three times per day, as much as your fish can eat in a few minutes. 

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