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Zoo Med Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Terrariums
Zoo Med [11442-511331]

Zoo Med Natural Mopani Wood for Terrariums

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Use Zoo Med Mopani Wood to transform your terrarium or aquarium into a natural wilderness. Great for climbing on, crawling over, slithering through and hiding under, this beautiful, unique African hardwood makes a great addition to any habitat.

  • Real African hardwood for aquariums and terrariums
  • Sandblasted smooth surface, textured detail, and unique mottled color
  • Sinks instantly in aquariums and resists rotting

Collected from dead tree roots. No trees were harmed in the harvesing of this product.

Terrarium Instrucions:
Mopani Wood is sandblasted clean and comes ready to add to your terrarium. Make sure each piece is securely placed so it cannot fall and injure your pet (it is very heavy).

Aquarium Instructions: All natural wood products leech tannins, which discolor water and reduce pH levels. To remove excess tannins and minimize this effect, soak wood in a separate container and change water daily. When the water color goes from dark brown to a very light "tea" color (or clear), the wood is ready for your aquarium. Adding extra carbon to your aquarium can help remove any remaining discoloration.

Note: Mopani Wood is a natural product. Since trees tend to not all be exactly the same, every piece is different and varies in size & shape. Be sure to choose a size that suits your animal and fits your habitat.

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Color & Quantity

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Small - (6"-8" Long)
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Id: 511479

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Large - (16"-18" Long)
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Id: 511495

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