Zoo Med Zoo Med 501 Filter Media - Activated Carbon Insert
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Zoo Med 501 Filter Media - Activated Carbon Insert

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The Zoo Med 501 Activated Carbon Insert is an effective filter media for your reptile habitat. This carbon insert absorbs toxic ammonia from aquatic turtles, amphibians, or aquarium fish waste. Made with high quality activated carbon, it provides unmatched clarity and contaminant-free water.

  • Absorbs ammonia from aquatic turtle, amphibian or aquarium fish waste
  • Improves water clarity & odor
  • Made with highest quality activated carbon

Zoo Med uses the highest quality activated carbon available to provide superior ammonia absorption. High ammonia levels can be deadly to amphibians and aquarium fish and will cause eye problems in captive turtles. Activated carbon is one step in reducing ammonia in your terrarium or aquarium. For optimum water quality, Zoo Med recommends weekly water changes of at least 20%. Be sure to use an agent to remove chlorine and chloramines when changing water.

NOTE: This filter media is designed to fit the Zoo Med Turtle Clean 15 Filter. The Turtle Clean 15 was formerly known as the Turtle Clean 501.


  • Remove plastic bag surrounding carbon insert & discard.
  • Rinse carbon under tap water to remove carbon dust (15-30 seconds).
  • Place carbon bag above ceramic media in your Zoo Med 15 (formerly 501) Canister Filter.
  • Replace carbon bag monthly or more often if you notice water turning yellow.

Made in Italy.

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