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Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-All Indoor
Sticky Tongue Farms [11442-524393]

Miner-All Indoor

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Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-All Indoor with D-3 for all insect eating reptiles and amphibians is a high quality human grade calcium based product scientifically formulated with over fifty vital minerals and calcium ensuring optimum health and bone strength for your pet.

  • New Berry Flavor
  • Calcium / Mineral Supplement - Phosphorus Free Calcium with Vitamin D-3
  • Miner-All for Indoor Insectivorous Reptiles & Amphibians

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake can to blend ingredients.
Coat insects by placing in plastic bag, shake gently until completely coated.
NEWBORN TO HALF GROWN Use every feeding
HALF GROWN TO SUB ADULT Use every second feeding
ADULTS Use every third feeding.
BREEDING ADULT FEMALES Use every second feeding.

Miner-All indoor ingredients:
Calcium Carbonate, Dextrose, Zinc Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Magnesium Oxide, D- Activated Animal Sterol ( sorce of Vitamin D-3 Miner-All I only), Iron Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Ethyione Diamine Dihydriodide ,Cobalt Sulfate ,Sodium Selenite, Iron Oxide, Natural Berry flavors

The following are trace elements naturally grown from aquatic vegetation found in Miner-All- Sulfur, Aluminum, Silicon, Copper, Bromine, Barium,Tellurium, Yttrium, Sodium, Lanthanum, Uranium, Neodymium, 44 Cerium, Titanium Vanadium Niobium Dysporosium Gadolinium Erbium Ytterbium Germinium Praseodymium Samarium Thallium Scandium Rubidium, Nickel Holmium Tin Thorium Europium Terbium Palladium Gallium Chromium Lutecium Thulium Tungsten Antimony, Cesium, Bismuth, Rhodium, Tantalum, Rhenium, Osmium Iridium

Guaranteed Analysis per kilo Miner-All indoor: Calcium Min 34% max 36% Vitamin d3 4,400.00 I.U. Manganese 453.66 mg. Zinc 544.39 mg. Iron 136.10 mg. Copper 113.42 mg. Iodine 36.29 mg Cobalt 3.63 mg. Magnesium 453.66 mg. Selenium 11.023 mg.

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