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T-Rex TRex Reptile Habitat Thermometer
T-Rex [11442-503588]

TRex Reptile Habitat Thermometer

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T-Rex Reptile Habitat Thermometer is an accurate and easy to read dial type thermometer that is designed for use INSIDE the reptile habitat.

  • Accurately measures temperature inside reptile habitat
  • Easy-to-red dial
  • Measures Farenheit & Celsius
  • Mounts on any smooth surface
  • Adhesive dot included

The T-Rex thermometer is different from other reptile thermometers currently on the market because it is not a digital strip. The T-Rex team has found that many, if not most, consumers assume the digital strip goes on the OUTSIDE terrarium glass, much like on their aquariums. This results in less than desired accuracy in temperature readings.

The T-Rex Habitat Thermometer is compact and mounts naturally at any desired location inside the reptile's habitat, giving accurate readings in a wide range from 60 F to 120 F. For best results, use two: one in the hottest area of the enclosure, the "baking zone" and one in the coolest corner.

User friendly instructions give general guidelines for required temperature ranges of the most commonly kept reptiles.

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Reptile Habitat Thermometer
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