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Oasis Oasis Vita-Drops for Guinea Pigs
Oasis [11442-509157]

Oasis Vita-Drops for Guinea Pigs

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Oasis Vita Drops Guinea Pig are a convenient way to assure your cavies are receiving their daily intake of vitamins essential for normal growth, development, good coat condition, and overall health.

  • Concentrated high-potency multivitamins
  • Water soluble vitamin concentrate for guinea pigs of all breeds & ages
  • Includes the Vitamin C guinea pigs need each day

Oasis Vita Drops are a multi-purpose and balanced supplement formulated especially for guinea pigs, and contain all known essential vitamins as listed in the latest recommendations of the Committee on Animal Nutrition of the National Research Council.

Oasis Vita Drops contain extra stabilized Vitamin C, since guinea pigs must consume Vitamin C on a daily basis to prevent scurvy.

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