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Adams Adams Plus Yard Spray

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Adams Pet Products Flea Tick Collars, Dip, Shampoo, Powder and Spray

Adams Fea Tick Control by Farnam pet products helps protect your pets from unwanted fleas ticks (which, we assume, would be all of them). Adams Flea Tick prevention and treatment supplies come in a variety of applicants, including sprays, collars, foggers, dips, mists and more. Farnam Adams Flea Tick products are ideal for use on your dog or cat.

Adams manufactures ONLY flea tick treatments, meaning they do it better than anyone. Each of their products is designed to provide your pet with in home care for your pet, without the added hassle and expense of going to the vet!

Adams pet products focus on a two pronged approach to eliminating fleas and ticks. First, they provide total protection to your pet, home and yard, making any and every environment inhospitable to the pests who want to settle there. Second, they target both adult pests and their eggs, using their signature Infest Stop #8482; ingredient to stop the flea life cycle before it even begins.

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