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API Products

Best Seller

API MelaFix Antibacterial Fish Remedy

$5.99 - $212.00
  • $424.99
  • Save $213 (50%)
4.9 (17)

API Marine MelaFix Antibacterial Fish Remedy

$12.30 - $35.06
  • $66.99
  • Save $32 (48%)
Best Seller

API Pimafix Antifungal Fish Remedy

$5.99 - $146.00
  • $77.99
  • Save $39 (51%)
4.8 (5)
Best Seller

API PimaFix Antifungal Remedy for Koi and Goldfish

$13.29 - $220.00
  • $440.99
  • Save $221 (50%)
4.7 (3)

API Water Chemical Products

As leaders in the ornamental fish industry since the early 1960s, they are very vigilant about superior product quality and taking care of their aquarium and fish enthusiast customers. They make a wide range of pet products including Stress Coat, Stress Zyme, Melafix and many others. If you are serious about fish and ensuring your aquarium is perfectly suited for them, then you know how important medications, algae control, water treatment and filters are to the health of your fish. The great thing about Aquarium Pharmaceuticals is that they are focused intently on research and development, always attempting to make their products better, more efficient, and less expensive. They even have 150 experimental aquariums and ponds in their state-of-the-art research laboratory, so they can develop innovative new products. The goal? Products that are easy and convenient for you to use.

API - Water Test Kits, Water Conditioner, Medication, Softener Pillow

As a top tier Aquarium Pharmaceuticals supplier, we have the top API products right here on our site. We carry their best fresh and saltwater test kits, water conditioner, and fish food for your pond or aquarium.Choose from our big selection. You'll find everything you need to keep your fish happy. Can't find something? Let us know; we'd be happy to help you select the best product for you and your fishes' needs.