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AquaClear Products

Aquaclear Aquarium Filter Products

Why are they so revered in the aquatic market? They were the first to recognize that eliminating motor parts in filters was the way to go. What they didn't know then is that this simple observation would cause a revolution in the industry. With the AquaClear external power filter, they were the first to introduce the magnetic impeller motor, which forever changed the way aquarium water is purified. It also helped reduce repairs and improve product life. All other manufacturers were forced to jump on board.

Aquaclear - 70, Filters, Power Filter, Powerhead, Biomax, Sponges

The AquaClear Power Filter represents one of the most versatile hang-on filter systems available. No matter what your flow rate might be, AquaClear has a size for you. Featuring an innovative re-circulation grid and multifilter media stacking, it allows water to be passed through filter media more readily, allowing more contact time and improving water quality.