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Blue Life

Blue Life Products

Blue Life Clear FX Pro Filter Media

$31.04 - $132.00
  • $277.99
  • Save $146 (53%)
4.0 (1)

Blue Life Red Slime Control Rx

$23.85 - $62.61
  • $125.99
  • Save $63 (50%)
5.0 (3)

Blue Life Aiptasia Control for Aquariums

$12.62 - $25.73
  • $48.99
  • Save $23 (47%)
4.3 (4)

Blue Life Green Cyano Rx for Aquariums

$23.85 - $60.82
  • $121.99
  • Save $61 (50%)

Blue Life Clear FX Reef Aquarium Filter Media

$20.99 - $36.84
  • $73.99
  • Save $37 (50%)

Blue Life Clear FX Planted Aquarium Media

$20.99 - $36.84
  • $73.99
  • Save $37 (50%)

Blue Life Flatworm Rx Control

$21.99 - $31.94
  • $60.99
  • Save $29 (48%)

Blue Life Pet Products Aquarium Air Pumps, Cleaning Supplies, Filter Media, Light Bulbs, Reef Care, Supplements, Water Treatments Replacement Parts

Blue Life Aquarium products is committed to providing the highest quality aquarium products available. For over 100 years, Blue Life has employed hobbyists, retailers, industry professionals, chemists and veterinarians to create the highest quality products for household aquariums. Their vision is to enhance the enjoyment of aquarium hobbyists by offering the next generation of products, geared toward helping to create and maintain thriving, vibrant and crystal clear aquariums.

All Blue Life products are extensively tested by professional scientists, veterinarians and marine biologists to ensure complete quality and total safety. Whether you are looking to improve your aquarium with advanced filter media, fish disease prevention, or some of the finest fluorescent aquarium lights on the market today, trust Blue Life to provide exactly what you need.

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