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Boyd Enterprises Advanced Aquarist Products - Aquarium Filter Media, Fish Feeding Supplements, Reef Supplements & Algae Control

Boyd Enterprises brings to every product a tradition of innovation and quality. For over 50 years Boyd Enterprises has created some of the finest fish and aquarium products available. Boyd products include marine and freshwater products, water conditioning and filtration media, algae and phosphate removers, marine and freshwater fish foods, all natural vitamins, reef and coral products and marine and fresh water environmental stabilizing products.

Boyd Chemi Pure is a superior filter medium for fresh, reef and marine aquariums that keeps the water pH balanced and constant, removes dissolved organics that can cause cloudy water, improves fish appetite, filters out coppers and other harmful metals, and helps mimic a natural environment for your fish.

Boyd Vita Chem fish food has numerous benefits for your fish, including increased growth and resistance to disease, restored appetite and natural vitality, and amazingly intense natural colors.

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