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Brightwell Aquatics Aquarium Filter Media, Feeding Balance Supplements, Bio Additives, pH COnditioners, Water Buffers Salt

Brightwell Aquatics specializes in the creation of scientifically sound aquarium water care products of the very highest quality. Each and every product Brightwell produces is formulated by a published marine scientist, using only the highest purity components in optimal concentrations that provide the highest benefit to the aquarium hobbyist you. When you pick up any Brightwell product, you can rest assured that it will do exactly what it says on the label, with reliable, scientific precision.

All raw materials used in the creation of Brightwell products are over 99.9% pure, with food grade materials used in every possible instance. Every single raw material is tested for phostphates, nitrates and copper, and any component that contains even a trace of these materials is refused and returned to the vendor. All water that goes into Brightwell liquid products goes through multi stage filtration and purification to remove all elements that are not on the products label.

Each and every product is created and produced in Brightwells own factories, and each has to undergo an extreme quality control regimen before being shipped out the door. Brightwell only uses production and packaging equipment that has been rated for use in the processing of production of food for human consumption, so every item that leaves the facility is held to a standard of quality you wont find anywhere else.

As any long time aquarist knows, the label on the product often is less than accurate when it comes to describing the effects of the product itself. Not so with Brightwell; it is their guarantee to you that you will never receive a Brightwell product that does not perform exactly as described. Never will a Brightell label or product be misleading or less than accurate.

Trust the experts at Brightwell to make your aquarium keeping days, well, bright.

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