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CaribSea Products

CaribSea CaribSea South Sea Base Rock for Aquariums

$22.11 - $80.53
  • $193.99
  • Save $114 (58%)
5.0 (1)

CaribSea CaribSea Life Rock Shapes

  • $263.99
  • Save $154 (58%)

CaribSea CaribSea Samurai Soil

  • $40.99
  • Save $21 (51%)
Best Seller

CaribSea CaribSea Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand

$21.17 - $51.63
  • $123.99
  • Save $72 (58%)
5.0 (2)

CaribSea CaribSea Life Rock for Aquariums

  • $393.99
  • Save $230 (58%)

CaribSea Products Aquarium Gravel Substrates, Aquatic Plant Substrate, Combination Reef Supplements

The aquarium experts at CaribSea take aquariums seriously and have for over 40 years. Since its founding in 1972, CaribSeas products have enhanced virtually every major public aquarium, marine zoo and aquaculture facility, as well as hundreds of thousands of private aquariums belonging to dedicated aquarists the world over.

CaribSeas stellar reputation has been built on providing nothing but the highest quality marine and freshwater aquarium substrates, each of them precisely engineered and extensively tested to meet your needs. Task specific mineralogy, sub millimeter grading and advanced, long lasting coatings are standard in every substrate CaribSea produces. Trust the product that has provided chemical support and biological filtration to some of the most fantastic aquarium environments ever made.

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