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Chomp Chomp Pit'R Pat Cat Breath Treats Liver Flavor

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Chomp Innovative Pet Products Dental Treats for Dogs and Cats

Chomp Inc. invented the first "candy" for pets and by doing so opened a new door for giving pets the same treatment people enjoy! Chomp's innovative candies include "Yip Yap" mini bone shaped breath freshening mints in a tin for dogs, "Sniffers" round and chewy beef or chicken and cheese bites in a candy pack for dogs and "Pit'r Pat" fish shaped "candy" in a tin for cats.

Chomp's wholesome, healthy, bite sized Yip Yap treats are made to freshen and renew your pet's breath, making doggy kisses no longer a thing of terror. Likewise, Pit'r Pat treats for cats are fun, fish shaped breath freshening snacks that your cat will love to munch. Provide your pet with Chomp fresh breath treats regularly to help maintain optimum oral health and wellness.

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