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Circle T

Circle T Products

Circle T Latigo Leather Round Collars

$15.49 - $24.99
  • $47.99
  • Save $23 (48%)
5.0 (6)

Circle T Rounded Collar Black Leather

$15.99 - $27.99
  • $53.99
  • Save $26 (48%)
4.8 (4)

Circle T Oak Tanned Leather Round Dog Collar Red

$15.99 - $23.99
  • $45.99
  • Save $22 (48%)

Circle T Latigo Leather Lead 6' Long

$21.99 - $44.49
  • $88.99
  • Save $45 (50%)
4.8 (4)

Circle T Oak Tanned Leather Round Dog Collar Tan

$15.99 - $23.99
  • $45.99
  • Save $22 (48%)
5.0 (1)

Circle T Latigo Leather Lead 4' Long

$16.99 - $26.99
  • $51.99
  • Save $25 (48%)
4.5 (2)

Circle T Black Leather Lead 6' Long

$22.99 - $40.99
  • $81.99
  • Save $41 (50%)

Circle T Latigo Town Dog Collar

$13.99 - $18.99
  • $34.99
  • Save $16 (46%)
5.0 (1)

Circle T Spiked Leather Collars

  • $37.99
  • Save $18 (47%)
5.0 (1)

Circle T Pet Products Leather Dog Collars and Leads

Circle T leather pet collars and lead leashes by Coastal Pet Products are made of durable top grain leather for the most durable leash and collar combo available anywhere. Coastal Pet's Circle T are durable, made of quality materials and built to last. Circle T has been a proud supplier of durable, stylish, high performance pet accessories to pet owners everywhere for decades.

Every dog needs a reliable leash and collar it's an added bonus if they can show some personality while they're at it! Circle T leather collars and leads prove to the world that your pet is ready to take whatever comes. With super strong metal buckle clasps, Circle T collars stay securely around your pet's neck, without being constricting or uncomfortable. Leather leads are the toughest available and will not snap or fray with normal use.

Your Online Circle T Pet Products Store

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