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Clear Pond

Clear Pond Products Pond Water Clarifiers

Clear Pond began offering premiere pond clarification products in 1977, and ever since has been a leader in providing natural based products used by the aquaculture industry the world over. The company was the first to ever offer lab grown beneficial bacteria cultures and specialized enzymes to aquarium hobbyists.

Clear Ponds line of water clarification products is renowned for its commitment to using only ecologically safe materials with natural components, so you can rest assured that your water treatment is safe, simple, and effective.

Sludge Remover and Clarifier utilizes beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help break down remnants of old food, fish waste, dead algae and organic toxins that can gunk up a pond fast. Clear Ponds beneficial Bacteria formula contains specific cultures that work to break down odor causing chemicals, toxins and clouding agents to keep your pond water looking and smelling fresh and healthy. Use Crystal Lagoon to clear cloudy water caused by algae, dirt, bacteria and other organic materialm as well as to remove metals from your water.

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