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Evercare Lint Roller Products

Evercare changed pet care forever in 1956 when electrical engineer Nicholas McKay improvised a solution to removing lint from a tuxedo and inadvertently invented the lint roller. Ever since Evercare has improved and perfected the design but has never lost sight of the simplicity that makes the lint roller so effective and efficient. When you need to remove loose pet hair or dandruff from your pet or clothes, why go with anything but the original?

Evercare - Lint Roller, Roller Refills, Lint Brush, Magik Brush

Evercares Pet Hair Roller rolls over virtually any surface and instantly removes pet hair, dust, and dirt! Get the messy job of pickup up pet hair done the first time. No more moving pet hair around or only doing half the job! Sticky tape picks up the pet hair in its path and hangs onto it until you remove the layer and toss it in the trash. Sticky tape layers rotate effortlessly on a comfortable, easy-to-clean handle.