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Exo Terra Reptile Products - Heaters, Bedding, Caves and Driftwood

Most people dont realize that the habitat of a reptile can be a delicate, sensitive thing. Get the temperature a little too cold, and you could have a sick iguana on your hands. Dont feed your turtle the right food and you could be counting the days until they need to go to the vet. And placing your pet reptile in a cardboard box with a few fake plants isnt going to make them happy either. It may be alright at the pet store, but once you get them home, you need to give them the right food, light, bedding and surroundings to keep them healthy. This is where Exo Terra comes in. They understand reptiles.

In fact, Exo Terra is the leader in reptile products for the natural terrarium. The reason for this is due to their philosophy and commitment to the natural pet habitat, believing that its right to give your pet reptile what they would naturally seek out in the wild. ExoTerra was the first to introduce the realistic and natural terrarium set-up, which ran counter to typical reptile and amphibian keeping. They are committed to develop products with the natural terrarium and its herpetofauna in mind.

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