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Flexrake Poop Scooping Products

Flexrake pet products have been serving Americas gardeners landscape professionals since 1945. Flexrake prides itself on providing pet owners everywhere with the very best specialized pet poop scooper, rakes, and more. It's a dirty job, but Flexrake Pet Poop Scoops are here to make it a whole lot easier.

Flexrake - Pooper Scooper, Dog Scoop, Jaws Scoop

Flexrake is committed to manufacturing each of their quality products in America Temple City, California to be exact. After originally focusing simply on garden rakes and spades, Flexrake moved into the pet business, and since has become the industry's leading innovator for effective, efficient, easy to use and clean scoops for cleaning up pet messes. From the classic Scoop Spade to the ultra-modern jaw scoop, Flexrake has made it its goal to provide top quality products that make one of the pet owners yuckiest jobs as simple, clean, and quick as possible.