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Friskies Cat Food and Treats

Friskies has long been one of the most respected and trusted providers of cat food and treats. With a vast variety of flavors and different styles of food, Friskies has everything you need for your feline friend's diet.

At Pet Mountain, you can get these great Friskies cat products at heavily discounted rate that you won't beat in local stores. Our low-price guarantee makes sure you're getting the best deal possible.

Friskies Treats Come In Multiple Flavor Varieties

One of the most recognized names in cat food products, Friskies has worked hard to develop quality cat food at affordable prices. These specifically formulated cat food products offer something for even the most finicky of eaters.

Friskies Party Mix line offers multiple different flavors, whether it be chicken, fish or something else, and all the formulas are made with quality ingredients. These cat treats bring familiarity with a twist to feeding time when paired with Friskies cat food.

Friskies also offers many options to keep your cat healthy. Friskies' Hairball Remedy Chicken Treat helps eliminate those nasty hairballs and keep your cat's diet healthy and balanced.

No matter what flavor or type of cat food or treats you're searching for, Friskies and Pet Mountain have you covered.