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Grillerz Products

Grillerz Jr. Meaty Mammoth Bone

$10.99 - $48.08
  • $96.99
  • Save $49 (50%)

Grillerz Pork Knee Bone Dog Treat

$2.29 - $43.49
  • $86.99
  • Save $44 (50%)

Grillerz Pork Femur Bone Dog Treat

$7.57 - $26.42
  • $50.99
  • Save $25 (48%)

Grillerz All Natural Pork Nuggets Dog Chew

$13.81 - $97.73
  • $205.99
  • Save $108 (53%)

Grillerz Pork Bone Dog Treat

$3.99 - $11.37
  • $20.99
  • Save $10 (46%)

Grillerz Jumbo Premium Pig Ears Dog Treat

$147.99 - $250.00
  • $525.99
  • Save $276 (52%)

Grillerz Ham Bone Dog Treat

$9.54 - $57.60
  • $115.99
  • Save $58 (50%)

Grillerz All Natural Pig Ears Dog Chew Treats

$19.37 - $52.45
  • $104.99
  • Save $53 (50%)

Grillerz Bully Spring Dog Chew

$3.99 - $18.95
  • $34.99
  • Save $16 (46%)

Grillerz Smoked Beefy Giant Bone Dog Treat

$12.72 - $48.65
  • $97.99
  • Save $49 (50%)

Grillerz Pet Products - Natural Dog Treats

Scott Pet, Inc. has manufactured and distributed delicious, natural and varied pet products since 1975, and is now an industry leader in the production of premium pet treats and chews. Scott Pet products has become many pet owners' supplier of choice for pork skin dog chews, natural treats, accessories, deer blend and wild bird seed.

Grillerz Natural Treats are the perfect hearty treat for dogs with an urgent need to chew (that's all of them!). Grillerz treats are always made in America, with real bones and natural cuts, slow roasted to preserve the maximum flavor. Grillerz treats only use livestock that is HAACP certified and tested, and are prepared in a HAACP certified and APHIS approved facility.

Founded by an avid hunter and cnine enthusiast, Scott Pet's products were designed based on extensive observation of hunting dogs and their owners. The result was a complete line of products made specifically to suit the needs of dogs and hunters. Since then the Scott line has expanded to include the basics and accessories all dogs need every day, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of natural treats in the world.

Scott Pet takes great pride in the design and production of every item, and adhere to a rigid set of principles to earn the trust of pet parents everywhere. Just a few of the reasons pet lovers choose Scott Pet are:

- Superior Products - High quality, healthy treats for your pet
- Complete Coverage - Several complete product lines for ease of purchasing
- Diversity - Different brands that complement each other
- Experience - Decades of knowledge of manufacturing, distribution and pet care knowledge

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