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Hartz Products

Hartz Hartz Home Protection Dog Training Pads

$12.52 - $47.57
  • $114.99
  • Save $67 (59%)
Best Seller

Hartz Hartz Dentists Best Dental Chews Bacon Small

$3.20 - $18.24
  • $36.99
  • Save $19 (51%)
5.0 (6)

Hartz Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus Paste Natural Salmon Flavor

$4.38 - $49.94
  • $119.99
  • Save $70 (58%)
5.0 (1)

Hartz Hartz Dentists Best Retriever Rolls

$4.73 - $26.96
  • $59.99
  • Save $33 (55%)

Hartz Hartz Oinkies Tender Treats Chicken

$6.99 - $19.92
  • $39.99
  • Save $20 (50%)

Hartz Hartz Delectables Bisque Lickable Treat for Cats Tuna

$1.99 - $22.69
  • $49.99
  • Save $27 (55%)
5.0 (1)

Hartz Hartz Chew N Clean Dental Duo Bacon

$3.86 - $19.24
  • $38.99
  • Save $20 (51%)

Hartz Hartz Dura Play Bacon Scented Play Ball

$4.29 - $12.21
  • $21.99
  • Save $10 (44%)

Hartz Pet Products Meaty Dog Treats, Housetraining Aids, Teaser Toys, Grooming Shampoo More

Hartz Pet Product line is 1,500 products strong catering to dogs, cats, parakeets, canaries, parrots, cockatiels, finches, goldfish, tropical fish, reptiles, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. Hartz is always developing and applying new ideas and technologies to give you and your pet the finest quality pet supplies. Your pet deserves a healthier, happier, and longer life, and Hartz wants to make that possible.

Since 1926, Hartz has specialized in providing the finest quality food for pets of all furs and feathers. Their goal and mission has been and always will be to provide innovative, reliable and affordable products that will strengthen the bond between pet and pet owner. From juicy, meaty treats still on the bone to chewable, tartar removing dental treats, Hartz products come with the trust and experience built from over 85 years of committiment to the best.

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