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Iceland Pure

Iceland Pure Products

Iceland Pure - Fish Oil Supplements

Iceland Pure is one of the leading fish oil suppliers on the market and distinguishes themselves from the pack with many unique attributes. While others may claim to be, Iceland Pure is one of the only true unscented fish oils out there. With more Omega 3 fatty acids than other oils, Iceland Pure provides all the health benefits of fish oil without any of the unnecessary extras.


Iceland Pure is dedicated to providing you the best fish oil, just like Pet Mountain is dedicated to providing you with the best price. Our low-price guarantee ensures that you're getting Iceland Pure products at the lowest possible price.

Iceland Pure Products Improve Your Pet's Health

What are the benefits of Iceland Pure's pharmaceutical human grade fish oil? First and foremost, fish oil promotes healthy skin and a glistening coat with Omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to those benefits, your dog will benefit from decreased inflammation, increased stamina and improved immune system. You'll benefit as well, as your dog will shed less and look and feel better.

Whether it's salmon oil, sardine-anchovy oil, or cod liver oil, all of Iceland Pure's products are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to have no potentially harmful Rosemary preservatives or trans fat.

Here at Pet Mountain, we're proud to offer Iceland Pure's fish oil for dogs, cats, ferrets and birds, all at our low-price guarantee.