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International Veterinary Sciences

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International Veterinary Sciences IVS Dermaplex Skin & Coat Shampoo

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International Veterinary Sciences Flea Tick Treatment, Skin Coat Care, Grooming Shampoo Supplements for Dogs and Cats

International Veterinary Sciences is a division of Micelle Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Micelle Laboratories, Inc., that manufactures nutritional supplements and animal health products. At the center of their philosophy is the recognition that your pet is an important part of your family. This core belief is what drives IVS to supply you with an extensive line of natural, nutritionally complete products. IVS products have very specialized areas of focus, including joint support, vitamin supplements, skin and coat treatments, relaxation agents, digestive aids and pet cleansing wipes.

Each product from International Veterinary Sciences has stemmed from the desire to correct pre existing deficiencies in animal diets. It is their desire to keep you and your pet supplied with nutritionally sound supplements throughout all phases of your pets life.

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