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JW GripSoft

JW GripSoft Products


JW GripSoft JW GripSoft Rotating Comfort Comb

  • $6.99
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JW GripSoft JW GripSoft Fine Comb

  • $7.99
  • Save $3 (41%)
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JW GripSoft JW GripSoft Shedding Comb

  • $7.99
  • Save $3 (34%)
FREE shipping over $49

JW GripSoft Flea Combs, Grooming Brushes, Nail Care and Shedding Tools for Cats and Dogs

Gripsoft grooming products by JW Pet Company are a unique range of professional grooming tools with ergonomically designed handles to make grooming more comfortable for you and for your pet. Each Gripsoft grooming tool features finger fitting contours along the handle to increase your comfort control and a soft rubber, sheathed handle to give you a non slip comfortable grip. Now you and your pet can feel the difference and enjoy good grooming with the GripSoft experience. GripSoft products are made with unbeatable quality materials and workmanship. GripSoft is all any professional or domestic groomer could need.

JW GripSoft offers a wide range of products for virtually every grooming need imaginable, including regular combing, flea and tick combing, nail trimming and filing, and removing shed or loose hair. With the right tool, you'll be able to give your pet the same treatment professional groomers do, leaving its coat looking clean, straight, and untangled.

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