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Kent Marine

Kent Marine Aquarium Fish Food, Cleaning Supplies, Filter Media, Plant Care, Reef Care Supplements Water Treatments

Kent Marine offers quality supplements for planted aquariums, African, South and Central American cichlids (including discus), goldfish, and other freshwater fishes, as well as filtrants / detoxifiers of tap and aquarium water and adjusters for pH and alkalinity. Kent Marine utilizes the highest grades of ingredients and an intricate knowledge to help you become a more successful marine aquarist! Kent Marine saltwater aquarium supplements make it possible for an aquarist to keep aquarium water parameters within the correct ranges, thereby increasing the health and vigor of the inhabitants.

Kent Marine has been the premier choice for aquarium hobbyists for over 15 years for one reason: they are hobbyists themselves! From the very beginning their mission has been to provide aquarists with the tools to create the most natural freshwater and marine environments possible. From nutritional supplements to filter media, Kent Marine began with innovation and hasnt stopped since.

Your Online Kent Marine Products Store

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