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Lil Pals Lil Pals Nylon Dog Lead - Black

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Lil Pals - Grooming, Collars, ID Tags, Leads, Leashes & Toys for Small Dogs and Cats

Li'l Pals Pet Products by Coastal Pet Products are designed specifically for smaller dogs and cats. Li'l Pals pet products are always easy to identify in their signature purple and green colors. Li'l Pals Grooming products include double-sided combs, slicker brushes, nail trimmers, and more for your small dogs, puppies and kittens' coat needs. Li'l Pals dog toys and Li'l Pals dog and cat collars are also available!

As a subsidiary of Coastal Pet Products, each Li'l Pals product is made with the same attention to quality and customer satisfaction that typifies all Coastal products. While plenty of other companies provide huge lines of products for standard size pets, Li'l Pals was the pioneer in offering useful, everyday tools strictly for smaller breeds.

Your Online Li'l Pals Pet Products Store

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