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Lixit Products

Lixit Blue Beauty Dust for Chinchillas

$11.29 - $63.77
  • $127.99
  • Save $64 (50%)

Lixit Cotton Nesting Material

$2.74 - $31.24
  • $59.99
  • Save $29 (48%)

Lixit Cozy Nest Natural Cotton Bedding

$2.53 - $28.84
  • $54.99
  • Save $26 (48%)

Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl

  • $23.99
  • Save $8 (33%)

Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Pet Water Bowl

  • $11.99
  • Save $4 (37%)
3.3 (4)

Lixit Pet Products Feeders, Waterers and Bowls for Small Pets, Dogs and Birds

Lixit Corporation is the largest manufacturer of small animal watering and feeding devices in the world. Lixit is also a leader in the manufactures of small animal animal care accessories, specially tailored to meet the needs of chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and more. Lixit manufactured pet products are marketed under 30 different labels.

Since 1968 Lixit has specialized in providing innovations and advances in pet feeder and waterer supplies, exhaustively researching and perfecting solutions for virtually every application and scenario. Whether you're looking for a water bottle that can survive the harsh conditions of UV sunlight, or a convenient syringe for hand feeding newborn pets of all shapes and sizes, Lixit has the product for you.

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