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Mammoth Products

Mammoth Pet X-Mat Original Pet Training Aid

$18.89 - $50.13
  • $100.99
  • Save $51 (50%)
4.9 (9)
Best Seller

Mammoth Pet X-Mat Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid

$17.23 - $49.11
  • $98.99
  • Save $50 (50%)
4.0 (2)

Mammoth Pet Flossy Chews Colored Rope Bone

$1.68 - $45.55
  • $91.99
  • Save $46 (50%)
4.0 (3)

Mammoth Pet Flossy Chews Color 3 Knot Tug

$5.59 - $71.29
  • $149.99
  • Save $79 (52%)
4.5 (2)

Mammoth Pet Tire Biter II Dog Toy

$4.54 - $109.00
  • $228.99
  • Save $120 (52%)
Best Seller

Mammoth Pet Flossy Chews White Rope Bone

$1.74 - $56.86
  • $113.99
  • Save $57 (50%)

Mammoth Pet Flossy Chews Color 4 Knot Tug

$10.59 - $48.29
  • $96.99
  • Save $49 (50%)
5.0 (2)

Mammoth Pet Tire Biter II Dog Toy with Rope

$5.59 - $34.99
  • $66.99
  • Save $32 (48%)
Best Seller

Mammoth Pet Flossy Chews Colored 5 Knot Tug

$13.29 - $60.82
  • $121.99
  • Save $61 (50%)
5.0 (4)

Mammoth Tire Biter II Dog Toy with Rope Medium

$10.84 - $30.89
  • $58.99
  • Save $28 (48%)

Mammoth Snake Biter Rope Tug Dog Toy Large

$17.89 - $50.99
  • $101.99
  • Save $51 (50%)

Mammoth Snake Biter Rope Tug Dog Toy Medium

$14.34 - $40.86
  • $81.99
  • Save $41 (50%)

Mammoth Extra Fresh Monkey Fist bar

$9.49 - $54.09
  • $108.99
  • Save $55 (50%)

Mammoth Snakebiter Shorty Rope Tug Dog Toy

$8.79 - $41.09
  • $82.99
  • Save $42 (50%)

Mammoth TireBiter II Natural Rubber Dog Toy

$20.99 - $50.40
  • $100.99
  • Save $51 (50%)

Mammoth Pet Products - Dog Toys, Ropes, Tough Chews & Training Mats

Mammoth Pet Products specialize in dog toys and accessories designed to satisfy aggressive chewers, clean teeth, and assist with housebreaking. Mammoth lines include the famous Flossy Chews, TireBiter, and X-Mat brands of extra tough dog chews and training mats.

Flossy Chews Pet Products Ropes and Tug Toys for Dogs

Flossy Chew Rope toys from Mammoth Pet Products are the ultimate toys for dogs, helping clean their teeth, relieve stress and provide hours of fun! Flossy Chew rope toys include Flossy Chews Toss Toys, Flossy Chews Tug Toys and Flossy Chews Floss Toys for dogs. Flossy Chews rope toys are made from premium US materials in fun shapes and sizes that no dog will be able to resist.

Flossy Chew rope toys are all made from premium materials that hold up to repeated tugging, chewing and tossing in short, the very worst a dog can give. Flossy Chews are available in all sorts of shapes, colors and styles to provide fun and entertainment to dogs of all sizes. But it's not all about the fun and games; Flossy Chews are made of fine rope fibers that floss dogs' teeth as they play and chew.

Tire Biter Pet Products Heavy Duty Dog Chew Toys, Ropes and Tugs

Tire Biter dog toys from Mammoth Pet Products are "real tire tough." Tire Biter Paw Tracks are durable pet toys that dogs of all ages enjoy. These toys can also be very effective training tools, as their creative design and unique features make them useful for dog trainers and owners alike.

Tire Biter Paw Tracks tire shaped chew toys are made from specially formulated rubber with two ply nylon for a chew toy that's as tough as a tire. Dogs love being able to gnaw, chew and struggle with durable, chompable toys, and there's nothing better to satisfy that need than the extra durable rubber that's tough enough for the open road. Tire Biter toys are perfect for interactive playing, lively games of toss and fetch, and intense tug of wars that all help strengthen the bond between dog and master.

X Mat Training Aid Pet Products Pet Training Aids

X Mat Pet Training Aids from Mammoth Pet Products help create pet free zones in your home. Simply lay an X Mat training pad wherever you want to prevent your pet from going, including the couch, bed, counters and more. X Mat Training Aids are recommended by professional dog trainers to provide safe, effective deterrents for pets.

X Mats utilize pasive discomfort zones with pressure points to condition your pet to respect owner boundaries. Even after mat is removed, pets will associate the chosen zone with discomfort and stay away. X Mat's experts bring their extensive research to the table to make the X Mat one of the simplest, quickest and safest training aids available today. Use the Extra Flexible X Mat to make even the oddest hop up places off limits!