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Nutrafin Products

Nutrafin Basix Turtle Conditioner Block

$1.99 - $42.98
  • $85.99
  • Save $43 (50%)
4.7 (3)

Nutrafin Betta Plus Tap Water Conditioner

$2.25 - $4.56
  • $3.99
  • Save $2 (44%)

Nutrafin Betta Enviro-Clean Waste Remover

$3.99 - $11.37
  • $20.99
  • Save $10 (46%)

Nutrafin Pet Products Supplies, Food, Plant Care and Water Treatments for Aquatic Turtles, Fish, Aquariums and Ponds

When something so advanced, so outstanding comes along, a new category must be created. This is such an instance. Nutrafin is proud to claim the title of the first truly premium fish food. Nutrafin Max is the only fish food that has the highest quality ingredients, scientific breakthroughs in added nutrients and waste reduction, and a thorough quality assurance certification program to ensure that your fish receive only the best.

Nutrafin, a trusted Hagen brand, has been dedicated to scientifically developing the highest quality and most effective fish nutrition and water treatments for over 30 years. Their goal is simple: to provide everything needed to create an environment where fish can thrive. Every Nutrafin product is extensively tested and held to the highest possible standard before it ever leaves the lab, so you can use them with confidence.

Nutrafin Max is a well known, leading product in providing quality nutrition for many fish species. Nutrafin water treatments including Aqua Plus, Cycle and Waste Control are designed to create optimum conditions in your aquarium water for the ongoing health and well being of your fish.

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