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Papa Bow Wow

Papa Bow Wow Products

Papa Bow Wow Wholesome Treats Pet Products Wholesome, Meaty, Natural Dog Treats

Papa Bow Wow Wholsome Treats for dogs provide one of the largest lines of all natural, meaty dog treats available today. Every Papa Bow Wow meaty treat is from real buffalo meat, dried and seasoned to perfectly satisfy your dogs craving for rich, chewable meaty goodness.

Papa Bow Wows always popular Buffalo Bully Sticks are 100 percent natural, long lasting treats made from dehydrated buffalo pizzle. While your dog is chomping down and satisfying his natural urge to chew, the rough buffalo pizzle will scrape his teeth clean of the plaque and tartar that harbor bacteria, helping to keep teeth and gums clean. Papa Bow WoW treats are also loaded with vitamins, potassium and fatty acids to keep your dog supplied with the essential nutrients he needs to thrive. Papa Bow Wow dog treats contain no GMO and are antibiotic free.

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