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S.A.M. ZER-Odor Natural Urine Odor Reducer

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S.A.M. Pet Products Small Pet Cleaning Supplies, Tubes and Connectors

S.A.M. Small Animal Pet Supplies was created by the Penn Plax Company due to the high demand for top quality small pet cages and small pet accessories. S.A.M. provides small pet owners with both practical and fun solutions to common issues, including natural urine odor reducer and the super fun Toob A Loop, an exciting cage expansion expansion that provides hamsters, gerbils and more with extra space to play and exercise.

S.A.M. knows that small pets can make a big stink. S.A.M. ZER Odor is specially developed to eliminate all those odors your small pet can produce. Simply add some under your pet's bedding to let the natural zeolite material suck all of those awful odors away! S.A.M. products is devoted to providing natural, effective solutions to all of your small pet needs.

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