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Smokehouse Products

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Smokehouse Smokehouse Pizzle Stix Dog Treats Regular

$5.48 - $590.00
  • $1,298.99
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Smokehouse Smokehouse Pizzle Stix Dog Treats Large

$369.00 - $715.00
  • $1,573.99
  • Save $859 (55%)
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Smokehouse Brand Pet Products Meaty Dog Treats Bones

Smokehouse Brand pet products have provided dogs with meaty, smokey, all real and natural treats and bones since 1991, earning a special place in many a dogs heart along the way. All of Smokehouses mouth watering treats are properly roasted to naturally kill bacteria, salmonella, and other parasites without any chemicals, salts, or artificial additives. That means these tasty bones and chews are all natural, and all delicious.

Smokehouses natural cooking process carefully preserves the rich, natural flavors of the real beef, chicken, pork, lamb and turkey in their treats, creating a delicious snack that all dogs love. Each treat is slow roasted in Smokehouses own, real, actual building smokehouses to ensure that every product is processed in the most healthy, natural way possible. Each smokehouse is monitored 24 hours a day to make sure the process is upheld, so that you can purchase any product with the Smokehouse label with full confidence that its the best for your dog.

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