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Tetra Pond Products


Tetra Pond Pond Sticks Goldfish and Koi Food

$4.89 - $169.00
  • $197.99
  • Save $104 (53%)
4.9 (35)
Best Seller

Tetra Pond Variety Blend Fish Food

$5.49 - $109.00
  • $228.99
  • Save $120 (52%)
4.8 (13)

Tetra Pond Pond Flakes Fish Food for Small Goldfish and Koi

$5.99 - $68.29
  • $143.99
  • Save $76 (53%)
4.8 (4)

Tetra Pond Fish Food and Aquarium Products

Have you wondered why the outdoor pond crowd seems to be growing? It's been quite amazing to see how many people have discovered the joy of backyard ponds. With the ability to create any size or shape and stock as many or as few fish as you want, it's easier than ever to get into the craze. Plus, whether you have a large backyard in the country or a small area in the city, you can have a pond. Fish don't need a great deal of space, so it makes it easy. They also are low maintenance and don't bother the neighbors. In fact, all you hear is the trickling water going down your waterfall or fountain.

Tetra Pond - Fish Food, Filters, Water Treatment, Pond Decorations

Tetra Pond came into existence because of the quickly growing pond and water garden hobby. Well known for their Pond pumps and filters, Pond fish food,and water care products. Looking for some of their more popular items? Check out the GreenFree GreenFree UV Clarifier and ClearChoice Pressure Filters. Many pond owners use a wide variety of water pumps in their ponds.