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Tetra Products


Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges Large

$2.89 - $85.36
  • $179.99
  • Save $95 (53%)
4.8 (45)
Best Seller

Tetra LED Hood for Aquariums

$35.76 - $62.59
  • $125.99
  • Save $63 (50%)
4.8 (16)
Best Seller

Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums

$21.09 - $40.35
  • $80.99
  • Save $41 (50%)
4.6 (29)

Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter for Aquariums

$26.09 - $37.54
  • $75.99
  • Save $39 (51%)
4.6 (15)

Tetra Fish Products and Aquarium Filters

Are you a fish enthusiast? With thousands of people enjoying an aquarium in their home or office, it's clear that there is something special about a perfectly assembled aquarium with multi-colored fish, a coral decorated bottom and that familiar filter sound humming in the background. Keeping a healthy, productive aquarium is part art, part science, and all fun, but with Tetra Pet supplies, it becomes a lot easier.

Tetra - Fish Food, Filters, and Heaters

Pet Mountain has a wide variety of Tetra Aquariums products and fish food. We have Tetra Aquarium heaters, air pumps, power filters and filter cartridges. We also have a nice selection of Tetra fish food for a variety of fish. Get the Tetra Whisper Power Filter if you want a quiet fish tank and but with the same quality as a larger, louder filter. If you want to provide your fish with the best food for their health and filtration for their home, Pet Mountain has the top Tetra products to fulfill your fish's needs.