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Tetrafauna Products

Best Seller

Tetrafauna Tetrafauna ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks

$2.99 - $206.00
  • $230.99
  • Save $135 (59%)
4.9 (44)
Best Seller

Tetrafauna Tetrafauna ReptoGuard Turtle Sulfa Block

$2.99 - $68.17
  • $163.99
  • Save $96 (58%)
4.5 (4)

Tetrafauna Tetrafauna ReptoFilter for Frogs, Newts and Turtles

$14.74 - $24.99
  • $54.99
  • Save $30 (55%)
4.6 (15)

Tetrafauna Tetrafauna Aquasafe for Reptiles

$3.99 - $22.74
  • $50.99
  • Save $28 (55%)
Best Seller

Tetrafauna Tetrafauna ReptoTreat Suprema Reptile Food

$4.48 - $51.03
  • $122.99
  • Save $72 (59%)
5.0 (11)

Tetrafauna Tetrafauna Hermit Crab Meal

$4.63 - $26.38
  • $58.99
  • Save $33 (55%)

Tetrafauna Pet Products Terrarium Decor, Filters, Heaters, Water Treatments and Wateralls, Reptile Food and Skin Care

Tetrafauna knows, as does any herp owner, that reptiles and amphibians have special needs. With this in mind, their reptile and amphibian experts and researchers have worked to create a unique, effectiv line of products and supplies designed specifically to meet all of those needs! Tetrafauna offers the very finest reptile and amphibian food, treats, equipment, and health care supplies available under the sun.

Tetrafauna brings Tetra's signature quality touch to the world of reptiles, amphibians, aquatic turtles and terrariums. Each and every product by Tetrafauna is thoroughly tested and tried to provide your pets with the very best. Keeping reptiles and other herps is an adventure but it doesn't have to be a difficult one! Tetrafauna's products are designed by scientists and reptile experts with one goal in mind: to make scaly pets everywhere "as easy to care for as they are to love."

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